Facilities Management

Resource One Installation Services offers exclusive service programs to Facilities Managers. Each program is unique and created to satisfy your unique needs.

For instance, if you are the Facilities Manager in a public university system, you will often get requests from faculty and staff for furniture installation, reconfiguration or decommissioning. More often than not, your facilities staff may not be suitably equipped to handle these requests in a timely manner. The skill sets required to professionally install systems furniture is very specific. Commercial Office Furniture manufacturers could and would void the warranty for improper installation of their systems. This is where we could come in and help your team meet the expectations of your faculty and staff. Resource One Installation will dedicate a project manager for your specific account and work closely with your team and be synchronized with your timeline to best service your facility’s needs. Call today for more information about a service program!

Here’s a short list of services we provide in this sector:

  • Install, reconfigure and uninstall commercial office furniture
  • On-demand transportation services
  • Fabric cleaning & protection for chairs and panels
  • General cleaning & protection of finish surfaces
  • Installing accessories such as paintings, artwork, and window treatments
  • Powering up systems furniture
  • Replace ceiling tiles, light bulbs, damaged carpet tiles.

If you need a service not listed here, please call!

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