Systems Furniture Installation

Resource One Installation team is trained and experienced to install globally recognized brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, AllSteel, HON, Haworth, Teknion, Paoli, National Office Furniture, Gunlocke, just to name a few. In addition, Resource One is also adept at installing custom furniture lines. Our team is up-to-date with product knowledge and is ready to install the moment they arrive at the site.

With guaranteed workmanship, you have nothing to worry about.

Call us at 715-340-8873 to schedule an installation today!


Chair Installation

When you buy a brand new chair, you need to make sure it is professionally installed. Improper installation of chairs can not only void the manufacturer’s warranty, but it can cause serious injury to people and property.

Office task chairs are no longer cushion pads on a frame. Mesh back chairs with pneumatic gas cylinders and multi-point controls need to be correctly installed so the user of the chair can truly benefit from all the advanced ergonomic features designed by the manufacturer. Task chairs, lounge seating, break room, and auditorium seating, you name it, we can install it correctly.


Freestanding Modular Furniture

In addition to systems furniture, we also install modular freestanding furniture from various manufacturers. We install both benching solutions as well as custom furniture designed and manufactured by local woodworking shops.


Filing & Storage Installation

We install metal and wood filing & storage units, such as overhead storage bins, pedestals, credenza units, vertical and lateral file units, storage towers, and more.

If you need to paint your office spaces in a new color and would like assistance to professionally disassemble the workstations and filing & storage units, just give us a call!


Panel Lift

Panel lift is ideal when the carpet tile needs to be replaced. Instead of un-installing the entire workstation and moving personal belongings and re-installing the station and putting things back, it would save both time and money to simply have the workstation elevated so that the carpet team could remove the old carpet tiles underneath and install new carpet tiles. Once the job is done, our team can lower the entire station to where it was before.

This service offers convenience to the occupant of the space, especially because the workstations and any cords/wiring do not have to be disconnected during this process.



Did your company expand, move locations, or are just ready for a change in workstation layout? We can help you with that! We can evaluate your space constraints and your workstation system type and let our designers come up with a new office configuration that best suits your company needs. Once drawings are created our installation team will come in and setup your office with the new configuration.


Office Accessories

In addition to all of the above mentioned installation services, we also install office accessories such as Art Work, Window treatments and more! If you have a product or item that is not mentioned here and would like us to install, please call us at (800) 763-6327 with your product details and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide quotes!

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