Team Resource One can help you manage your small, medium and large office furniture projects efficiently and effectively. How do we do it?

Collectively, we bring over 150 years of experience in commercial office furniture installation. We have the professional skills, the technology and manpower to get your project done right the first time. Most of all, we have the right attitude! Just like most things in life, the right attitude can make even the toughest situations feel like a breeze. The most often phrase used to describe our team is “you are a joy to work with!”

We manage the furniture installation by planning ahead with all parties involved; such as the dealership(s), contractors, designers & architects, and end user. After the planning stage, we prepare work schedules and coordinate with other parties so there are no conflicts in use of shared resources. We also plan for contingencies so when things go wrong, there is a plan B to fall back on. We share our plans with all parties involved and with unified communication we ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Free Interior Design Services

Our team of Interiors Designers come from universities with accredited interior design programs and have the experience and design skills to work on multiple product lines, using multiple technology platforms to create your design idea and turn it into a reality. Our powerful visualization technologies will allow you the opportunity to see photo-realistic renderings and 3D walkthroughs of your space before the actual installation occurs.

Call us today for a FREE design consultation!

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