Inventory Management allows you to know exactly what quantity, type, and description of office furniture you have at any given point in time that is stored in Resource One warehouse. For instance, you will know how many chairs, workstations, desks, filing and storage units you had when you moved out from your old location. Based on this information you can make an educated decision as to which furniture you want to re-use in your new space and what type & quantity you need to buy brand new. We will also inventory items such as pencil/pen trays, task lights, paper management tools, etc.

Our standard procedure:
Resource One will visit your site prior to the dismantle of your office furniture.

Our experienced crew will make records of the product sitting on the floor using photographs, sketches and available CAD drawings. For an additional fee, we provide CAD drawings and CAP Worksheets. These quantities can then be used when placing furniture in your new space.

While one team does the uninstall, another team will start to tag and label each part and then start the wrapping process. Delicate items will be blanket wrapped to ensure the chance of damage will be minimized.

This type of service requires the skills of highly experienced professionals who can identify different products, parts, and assembly methods. It is crucial for the install technician to know precisely what he/she is doing; otherwise there may be damage to the product and may not be repairable.

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